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Some demos

We often create little demos of Alfresco Activiti to introduce people to the range of capabilities available. I thought it would be useful to list a few links to videos of these demos: A mix of demos A client on-boarding demo  Read More
Posted 8 March, 2016

Installing Alfresco Activiti Trial

This if the first of a number of articles I plan to write to help new users get up to speed with Alfresco Activiti. With that in mind I thought I would start with a video showing how to install the trial version (and how to apply the license key to ensure success). Key steps to downloading and installing the trial version are below: 1. Download Software and License Key If you have registered for the 30 day trial you should have received an email similar to the one below.  Read More
Posted 26 February, 2016

What's New in Activiti 1.4

A new release of Alfresco Activiti always brings with it a bundle of shiny new features and enhancements to old favorites. The team have worked hard to make this the kind of release you expect from us, so what I’ve highlighted below is really just a hint of what delights you will find. Activiti Engine Activiti 5.19.0 supported Dynamic BPMN Service for modifying process instance without redeploying Improved support for  Read More
Posted 16 December, 2015

Form Stencils 101

Okay, I know. It’s frustrating. You’ve got Alfresco Activiti running and people interested, but you find it doesn’t have a particular form control that is essential for you to use it. Stress not, there is an easy way to create or link in your own custom controls, and I’ll give you the most trivial introduction to it here. Or, if life is too short, you can watch a short video here.  Read More
Posted 18 November, 2015

REST Integration 101

The easiest way to integrate Alfresco Activiti with other systems is by using REST calls. Alfresco Activiti allows you to make calls as part of a process or to populate form controls, such as a dropdown list of values. I’m going to take you through a really simple example that you can download and try yourself - all you need is a current version of Alfresco Activiti and a few minutes.  Read More
Posted 13 November, 2015


Welcome to our new site specifically created to help you do more with Alfresco Activiti. We realized there was a gap between what is provided on the Activiti Community pages and what people need when they want to find out more about the Enterprise version of Activiti. First of all, this is the place to come for the most up to date documentation about Alfresco Activiti, whether you are an administrator setting up or looking after an Alfresco Activiti deployment, or a developer looking to find ways of extending and customizing all aspects of the Alfresco Activiti product - from integrations to UI enhancements.  Read More
Posted 12 November, 2015